Aint No Trend MT5

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Product Description

Aint No Trend MT5

Ain’t No Trend is a neural advisor trained to trade with major symbols.


If your symbols have a suffix (ex: EURUSD_i), you should set the value of Suffix accordingly. Otherwise the advisor will not work.

The advisor uses target levels incorporated in its body. You cannot change them because they were part of the training process. You can set your stoploss.

Attention! The advisor is only for hedging accounts.

The advisor Ain’t No Trend uses an H4 timeframe. Your timeframe does not matter, it has no impact on the advisor.

Trading mode = Multi >> Start the advisor in one chart. Regardless of the symbol of your current chart, the advisor trades all symbols from one chart. Cannot work on VPS.

Trading mode = Separate >> Start the advisor on each of the 6 symbols: AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY. Can work on VPS.

The advisor Ain’t No Trend works with MACD, ADX and an indicator of the ongoing move which I developed for this strategy. The neural networks were trained so that they filter possible trades according to visually important indicator properties (crossings, number of peaks) and a ratio of current values to maximum values found in the history.

Properties of the Advisor

Color preset

Fontsize – set a smaller value if the textual strings get off the advisor panel.

Trading mode – Multi is for the advisor to trade all symbols from one chart (cannot work on VPS). Separate is for the advisor to trade 1 symbol of its chart; in this mode, start the advisor in each of the 6 symbols AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY, and then synce with VPS.

Push notifications – notifications about new trades to be sent the MT5 application on your smartphone. Check the MT5 user manual on how to set up.

Close anytime profit (%) – closes a common positive profit (percent of balance). All trades whose current common profit reaches the value are closed immediately.

Close losing trades (days) – closes losing trades. The value is a number of days after which this trade is yet not profitable. There should be at least 2 current trades so that one is losing and the other is winning and their common profit is a positive value. The idea is to close losing trades and compensate them immediately with winning trades.

Suffix – set your suffix according to the symbols in your terminal. Example: suffix _i for EURUSD_i. Leave empty for no suffix.

Stoploss – stoploss for symbols.

Volume – volume for one trade. Set a fixed value (ex: 0.01) or a percentage of equity (ex: 0.02%). The advisor prints the actual value of volume in the “Experts” tab upon start or restart. Always use a fixed value for cent accounts or accounts denominated in bitcoins, roubles, yuans etc (that is, not in USD).

Aint No Trend MT5

Aint No Trend MT5Aint No Trend MT5Aint No Trend MT5Aint No Trend MT5

Reviews 24


Lucaszhang 2021.06.02 14:36  


it works again



Loki679 2021.08.05 19:29  


guter EA, aber geringe Trading Frequenz. 3 Trades inerhalb eines halben Monats. 2 Gewinner und ein Verlierer mit kaum Verlust. Vielleicht ist es die Markphase, mal abwarten.


Good EA, but low trading frequency. 3 trades within half a month. 2 winners and one loser with low loss. Maybe it’s the market phase, we’ll see.

Wen Bing Chen


Wen Bing Chen 2021.06.19 11:16  


This EA cannot trade. So far we just buy an EA that cannot trade at all.

[Jul 7 2021 update] Now with new version of trade in different chart, it works fine now


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