AyRobot MA V1

$14.99 $1,000.00


$14.99 $1,000.00

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AyRobot MA V1


Fully math calculated automatic EA. Follow the trend by custom. Checking important trade levels.
It is complex calculated to catch right trend strategy. Special candles, Moving Average indicator ,custom indicator and maths are used for entries.

Live Results shown at here  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/ucakci

  • Default settings recomended for all majors, tested only all majors.

Click here for the symbol sets you can make testing.

Updated 03.SEP.2021


Initial Deposit  : from 1000$ to infinite.
Model  : Open Prices Only ( is faster )
Period  : H1
Spread  : 5-10
Use Date  : anytime

Input parameters

      • Use Dynamic Stoploss – put stoploss when reach first tp
      • Use Trailing Stop  – enable/disable trailing system;
  • Trailing TYPE (invidual/all) –  one trade or all trade
  • Trailing Start – the pip value that the trailing will start to work for profit catch;
  • Trailing END – stop working after this target
  • Trailig Stop PIPS/PERCENT
  • Trailing Stop (value) – the percent or pips value that trailing follow the profit;
    • Minimum lots for an order – minumum order lot when autolot off
    • Auto lot by balance – increase lots by balance
    • Auto lot percent size – calculated lots by balance margin percentage
    • FIBO CONTROL TYPE – LAST previous week , CURRENT current week
    • MORE ORDER ON LOSS – trade after a loss
    • MORE ORDER ON PROFIT – trade after got profit
    • Price direction control – Check control TF at least one close before entry level
    • FIBO TF – Fibo time frame , do not change 
    • CONTROL TF – control CLOSE price before entry
    • NEXT order TF – trade after x time from previous trade
    • Min ENTRY RATE – check entry for (second level – first level) / x , for fast moves. (Before control TF CLOSE)
    • Min PROFIT – enter trade after min profit is measured (PIPS)
    • MAX Order – max trade count in a week.   
    • Martingale ON/OFF – Enable/Disable Martingale increase your lot size for next order follow up your loss order.
    • Martingale Multiplier – Increase lot size for second and the following orders.
    • Martingale STEP ON/OFF – using lot increase by step instead of multiplier.
    • Martingale Step Size (lot) – martingale step lot size.
    • EXIT by BAR CLOSE – close trade when control TF close before entry level


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