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$14.99 $299.00

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Blazar MT5




Blazar for $299 for only 2 days! Return to the normal price of $399 after the sale

Blazar is a fully automated trading system on the most popular major currency pairs: EURUSDGBPUSDUSDJPY M5. It’s pure Price Action mean reversal system that exploits peakedness of market distribution to safely identify trend reversals

Every trade is protected by Stop-Loss

The EA can work in 2 modes:

  • Normal Mode – trading classics: 1 signal = 1 trade. No martingale, grid or hedging is used
  • Recovery Mode – the EA will recover faster during drawdowns using several averaging trades, which gives more comfortable growth curve


  • Stable growth curve as a result of a high percentage of winning trades
  • Stress-tested on all available history, six-month live signal
  • Automatic GMT adjustment
  • The minimum deposit: $50 for Normal Mode and $300 for Recovery Mode
  • Easy setup and use
Timeframe: M5
Currency pairs: EURUSD (default settings), GBPUSD, USDJPY
The EA requires a good broker account with hedging

Set-files can be found here:

Input Parameters

  • StartLotSize – proportional lot size if EnableAutoLot is set to true and fixed lot size in case EnableAutoLot is set to false
  • EnableAutoLot – trading lot will increase with an increase in your account’s balance
  • FundsForAutoLot – here you can set the amount of balance to be used for every StartLotSize if EnableAutoLot is set to true. E.g. FundsForAutoLot=1000 and StartLotSize=0.05 means that for every $1000 there will be 0.05 lots opened (0.5 for $10000 and so on)
  • MaxLotSize – set the max. allowed lot size if you don’t want the lot size ever to exceed this value
  • SpreadFilterPips – if the spread is bigger than the value specified here, the trade won’t be opened
  • MaxSlippagePips – works only for Instant live accounts (not ECN). Set here what maximum slippage you can take on your Instant account

GMT settings

  • GMT/DST_Offset_Auto – if true, the EA will try to find the correct GMT offset of your broker automatically. You must allow requests to https:/ /www.worldtimeserver. com (delete spaces!)
  • GMT_Offset(winter)_Manual – set your broker’s time zone (in winter)
  • DaylightSavingTime_Manual – if your broker uses daylight saving time, set this to Europe or US and EA will automatically adjust itself
Main settings
  • HourToStart – hour of the day at which Blazar will start to look for trading opportunities
  • HourToStop – hour at which Blazar will stop to look for trading opportunities
  • DaysOfWeek – day of the week at which Blazar will be allowed to trade. E.g. 234 means 2nd, 3rd and 4th days of the week
  • DisableHolidays – not to trade during New Year holidays
  • PriceChannelPeriod – period of the channel used to analyse the market
  • EnableTrendFilter – set to true if you want to avoid risky trades during periods of trending markets
  • TrendFilterPeriod – period of the trend filter used by Blazar
  • EnableVolatilityFilter – set to true if you want to avoid risky trades during periods of high volatility
  • OrderTakeProfitPips – the size of Take Profit in pips (1 pip = 10 points)
  • OrderStopLossPips – the size of Stop Loss in pips (1 pip = 10 points)
  • EnableTradeDuration – set to true if you want to limit position holding time
  • TradeDuration – set the maximum position holding time, in bars
  • AvgMaxTrades – maximum  number of averaging trades
  • AvgMultiplier – averaging coefficient
  • AvgStepPips – step in pips between averaging trades
  • AvgCustomSettings – custom averaging coefficients, separated by commas
  • BasicMagicNumber – add Magic number to trace trades you made with this EA. It must be less than 99999
  • TradeComment – add any comments to your trades


  • It is recommended to use default values for all parameters (except GMT offset if your broker uses different time zone). Test any changes thoroughly before running EA on a live account.

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Blazar MT5

Blazar MT5Blazar MT5Blazar MT5Blazar MT5Blazar MT5Blazar MT5Blazar MT5Blazar MT5Blazar MT5Blazar MT5Blazar MT5

Reviews 8


cglt 2021.01.14 22:55  


Very good EA, I have been using it continuously since 2020-07 and I have good and stable results so far with decent risk. Good job Vsevolod!



Mr.isaac 2020.08.19 17:53  


Good product, it’s good a good ea

Miguel Ferrer


Miguel Ferrer 2020.08.04 04:30  


Sure, a profit of 6 to 10% per month without disheveled. Operations in the safest purchase and sale that I have ever seen, optimizable, and different risk modes with very good looks. I have other robots, with none I feel as safe as Blazar.


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