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EA Spectr is an automated professional multi-currency expert advisor that designed for long-term profitable trading. The EA continuously controls price movements and makes accurate trades based on market patterns, trend and technical indicators. The Ea contains a flexible news filter, high spread protection, separate time and days trading filters and allows to work with automatic and fixed trading lots. Each Ea trade is covered by stop loss and take profit levels. The EA does not use grid, martingale, arbitrage and other dangerous strategies.

Traders who bought EA will also receive  EA Maestro for free.

Monitoring of trading:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1138700


  •  Minimum deposit $100.
  •  Leverage 1:30 – 1: 500.
  •  Recommended timeframe H1.
  •  Recommended pairs and settings: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF.
  •  The Ea doesn’t depend on broker, but ECN account is preferable.
  •  Fast VPS is recommended, the lower the ping, the better results.
  •  To speed up testing set ShowInfoPanel = false.
  • FixLot – fixed trading lot;
  • AutoLot – use automatic lot calculation;
  • Risk – trading risk,%;
  • MainTP – main take profit, pips;
  • MinTP – minimal take profit, pips;
  • MaxSL –  maximal stop loss, pips;
  • TrailSL – trailing stop, pips;
  • TrailStep – trailing step, pips;
  • Breakeven – breakeven level, pips;
  • DoubleTrade – use an additional order;
  • DoubleOffset – additional order offset, pips;
  • DoubleTradeTP – take profit of the additional order, pips;
  • UseSpreadFilter – use high spread protection;
  • MaxSpread – maximum allowable spread, pips;
  • UseRndFilter – use filter of round price levels;
  • RndDeviation – deviation from round price level, pips;
  • UseNewsFilter – use news filter, pisp;
  • DetectLowNews – detect news of low importance;
  • PauseBeforeLow – pause before publication of news of low importance;
  • PauseAfterLow – pause after publication of news of low importance;
  • LowNewsColor – display color for news of low importance;
  • DetectMiddleNews – detect news of medium importance;
  • PauseBeforeMiddle – pause before publiсation news of medium importance;
  • PauseAfterMiddle – pause after publication news of medium importance;
  • MidleNewsColor – display color for news of medium importance;
  • DetectHighNews – detect news of high importance;
  • PauseBeforeHigh – pause before publication of news of high importance;
  • PauseAfterHigh – pause after  publication of news of high importance;
  • HighNewsColor – display color for news of high importance;
  • DetectNFPNews – “Non-Farm Payroll” news detection;
  • PauseBeforeNFP – pause before the publication of the “NFP” news;
  • PauseAfterNFP – pause after the publication of the “NFP” news;
  • NFPNewsColor – display color for “NFP” news;
  • ShowNews – show news graphic lines;
  • ServerGMT – zone GMT of broker server;
  • UseTimeFilter – use news filter;
  • HourStart – trading start time, hour;
  • MinuteStart – trading start time, min;
  • HourEnd – trading end time, hour;
  • MinuteEnd – trading end time, min;
  • FridayHourEnd – trading end time on Friday, hour;
  • FridayMinuteEnd – trading end time on Friday, min;
  • TradeMonday – allow trading on Monday;
  • TradeTuesday – allow trading on Tuesday;
  • TradeWednesday – allow trading on Wednesday;
  • TradeThursday – allow trading on Thursday;
  • TradeFriday – allow trading on Friday;
  • EquityMaxDD – maximum equity drawdown,%;
  • ShowInfoPanel – show the information panel;
  • TradeComment – comment to the EA orders;
  • Magic – unique orders identifier.

To activate news filter go to terminal and enable the “Allow WebRequest for listed URL” option and add “http://ec.forexprostools.com” link to the list.

If you have questions, feel free contact me!

EA Spectr

EA SpectrEA SpectrEA SpectrEA SpectrEA SpectrEA SpectrEA SpectrEA SpectrEA SpectrEA Spectr

Reviews 18


sanpaul 2021.11.09 20:38  


Отличный советник, рекомендую!!!

Cauline Thomas


Cauline Thomas 2021.07.07 10:05  


So far so good! Great support and Fanur continues to be very patient with my inability to pick up the IT/Techie side of things. Highly recommend Spectr

Oeyvind Borgsoe


Oeyvind Borgsoe 2021.06.26 07:24  


One month live and very good results. Recommended!


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