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Genesis EA V3.3




This is an Expert Advisor for night scalping, using two trading strategies that complement each other.

The GENESIS EA makes from one to several trades per day. Be patient after installing the GENESIS EA and it will reward you with a stable profit.

Currently EA is available at a discount to the final price! Final price: $799

Monitoring of real transactions:

Best pairs: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, EURUSD. TimeFrame: M15 

Recommended deposit: from $500 or cents

Before testing GENESIS EA be sure to download a history date for each pair (press F2)

Advantages of Genesis EA: 

  •  Two stable strategy in one EA
  •  No fake or scam back testing
  •  Easy to install easy to use
  •  Confirmed real trading
  •  Invisible SL and TL levels for your broker
Genesis EA

Genesis EAGenesis EA

Hello. Thank you for your feedback.

We follow the EA’s signals on the live account:



When you are using GENESIS EA be patient to get profit

Let EA work automatically. Some orders will close with loss but other one receive you much more profit!!!

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setimsa 2022.01.04 14:22  


I purchased both Genesis and Gold Eagle a moth ago. I already have GE successfully running live for a moth and i m running Genesis for a week ago. So far, the results in GE is very good and Genesis look very good in our fist week with profit and low DD



ebel 2021.12.01 07:17  


I purchased both Genesis and Champion a week ago. I already have Champion successfully running live and am running Genesis in demo. So far, the results look very promising and I think running the two alongside each other should be a good combination.



Cappy2021 2021.11.17 15:21  


Not only is the EA fantastic, but so is the author. I’ve been trading a long time, and by far, this is the best support group, combining all of the EAs, etc., into one dynamic and positive group chat. Questions are answered very quickly. I’ve had Genesis a few days and I like the way it trades. Currently I am using it with Champion EA and I have the utmost confidence in both. Stress-free trading. Ty Evgenii.


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