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Real Diver Utility




REAL DIVER UTILITY is an automatic advisor whose task is to:

  • automatically open trades according to the indicator signals: PRICE ACTION DIVER POWER or PRICE ACTION REAL POWER
  • managing open orders
  • closing trades according to the rules of working with indicators POWER DIVER PRICE ACTION or PRICE ACTION REAL POWER.

How does the utility open trades?

Opening of deals is carried out by the arrow signals (graphical objects), which are shown on the chart by the PRICE ACTION DIVER POWER or PRICE ACTION REAL POWER indicators.

Thus, the utility will open a trade only if the indicator has put a signal arrow on the chart of quotes about the need to trade. You do not need to configure the utility to open trades. Just set the “AUTO TRADE” function to “TRUE” in the manual settings of the utility.

How does the utility manage open orders?

The utility uses a virtual Take Profit, which trawls through the levels of FIBO-CHANNEL. This system will help to close deals in case of volatile sharp price reversals.

How does the utility close trades?

The closing of the deals is performed when the line oscillator REAL POWER or DIVER POWER reaches levels for profit fixing.

Open the manual settings of your indicator REAL POWER or DIVER POWER and see what take Profit Level for SELL and Take Profit Level for BUY levels are set there. Set the same values for the corresponding utility functions.

After that, the utility will close trades exactly where the indicator shows a visual signal about the need to close trades.

Why do YOU need this utility?

Traders who use indicators DIVER POWER or REAL POWER complain that:

  • Signals to open or close deals arrive at an inconvenient time for them (night time or while users are at work…) thus users are physically unable to open or close deals in time.
  • PUSH and email notifications about the need to close deals (due to the poor performance of MQL services) come with a significant delay, so users cannot close deals in time.
  • Manual trailing Take Profit for open trades at 0% FIBO takes a lot of time and attention.

REAL DIVER UTILITY will help solve these problems! This automatic expert will independently oversee the signals of your indicator and will open and close all deals in time!

Everything is simple and convenient!

Real Diver Utility
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Lingxiang Zhang


Lingxiang Zhang 2019.06.12 14:27  


great work



RDI 2019.06.09 20:02  


As Always from Igor the best of the best. Thanks!!



Darin 2019.05.11 14:42  


I have been using both the Price Action Real Power and Diver Power for months and this semi EA will be a very good add on to my arsenal especially when it becomes a fully automated EA in future for both the indicators. Excellent work Igor!!


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