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Scalper Inside PRO




This is an innovative indicator that uses an exclusive algorithm to quickly and accurately determine the trend. The indicator automatically calculates the opening and closing time of positions, as well as detailed statistics of the indicator’s performance for a certain period of history, which allows you to choose the best trading tool for your trade. You can also connect your custom arrow indicators to Scalper Inside Pro to check and calculate their statistics and profitability.

Scalper Inside PRO Manual and Settings Description: Click to read

Main Features:

  • Next-Generation Trend Detection Algorithm (NG TDA)
  • Automatic detection of the opening and closing time of positions
  • Multi-level profit-taking system
  • Detailed statistics calculation
  • Includes two superior strategies
  • Suitable for different trading instruments and timeframes
  • Ability to connect Custom Indicators to calculate statistics and check profitable
  • Easy-to-Use Rules
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced traders
  • 100% non-repainting
  • Fully customizable

Settings Description:

[Select Strategy – strategy choice for trading]: Strategy-1 / Strategy-2 / Custom Indicator – connecting a Custom Indicator

[Strategy 1-2 Sensitivity]: adjusting the Sensitivity for Strategy 1-2 (values from -5 to +5) and Selecting a Ready-Made Presets

[Open Position Mode]: Next Candle Entry / Delta Entry

[Custom Indicator Name]: Custom Indicator name (entered manually), if [Select Strategy] = Custom Indicator

[Custom Indicator Signal Bar]: calculation only on a Closed[1] or Opened[0] bar

[Buy Buffer (default: Buffer 0)] / [Sell Buffer (default: Buffer 1)] – select the graphic buffer of the Custom Indicator that displays arrows for

Buy (usually Buffer 0)

Sell (usually Buffer 1)

[Select Close Position Settings]: Auto Calculate SL / Reversal SL / Use Manual SL

[Use Manual TP1, TP2, TP3]: use Manual TP1, TP2, TP3 (true/false)

Alerts Settings:

[All Alerts Disabled]: all alerts quickly disabled, if = true

[Arrows Email Alert] / [Arrows Sound Alert] / [Arrows Pop-up Alert] / [Arrows Send Notifications] – activate/deactivate different types of signals, when the Arrow Signal appears

Other Settings:

[History Bars for Calculation] – number of bars for calculation

Visual Settings:

[Use Auto Color Theme]: use a preset Color Scheme

[Select Color Theme]: Dark/Light theme selection, if [Auto Color Theme] = true

[Panel Size Scale (0.5 – 2.0)]: changes the scale of the indicator control panel

All of the following graphical settings will allow you to turn signals On/Off and completely change the color scheme. To use custom color settings, please do not forget to disable automatic theme selection: [Use Auto Color Theme] = false

Connecting and Testing Custom Indicators:

The Custom Indicator Testing Module is used to connect and test your own indicators instead of built-in Strategies. This module works with most of the Arrow Indicators, automatically detecting their working principle. You only need to specify the ‘Indicator Name’ and ‘Graphical Buffers’, in which the indicator draws arrows. Scalper Inside PRO will do the next steps automatically.

1) Run Scalper Inside Pro and set [Select Strategy] = Custom Indicator

2) Enter the name of the Custom Indicator manually from the keyboard [Custom Indicator Name]

3) Select the graphic buffers of the Custom Indicator that displays arrows: Usually for ‘Buy used Buffer-0’, and for ‘Sell used Buffer-1’

4) Make sure that the Signal Arrows of the Custom Indicator match the Signal Arrows that Scalper Inside Pro has built

5) After that, we can use the Scalper Inside Pro indicator in the normal mode but receiving signals from the Custom Indicator

For the correct operation, it is unnecessary to install Custom Indicators on the chart! The Custom Indicator is connected with default settings.

Please Read Detailed Manual: Click to read

Scalper Inside PRO

Scalper Inside PROScalper Inside PROScalper Inside PROScalper Inside PROScalper Inside PROScalper Inside PROScalper Inside PRO

Reviews 10


AlphaMedic 2021.10.06 13:40  


Let’s tell the truth about this indicator: it’s the best one I have traded with for long time. Very high winning rate. Use a trailing stop, if got into profit to squeeze out everything of the trade. Strong recommendation to read the authors blog before trading on a live account.

Frank Paetsch


Frank Paetsch 2021.09.29 04:13  


Good indicator and profitable. I build an EA utility for this Indicator and its work great. Thank you

Marcos Yuge


Marcos Yuge 2021.08.03 07:53  


I liked the product very much. The indicator has 2 strategies installed and 2 free ones provided by the author. All very good. I use this indicator as a confirmator of my market analysis. If there is divergence, I always discard the analyzed asset and move on to the next one. Using this simple rule, my hit rate has increased a lot. Author: He is extremely helpful. No matter what your doubt is. You realize that he cares about your difficulties and tries to find a solution. Due to the quality of the product, and due to the author’s posture when faced with my doubts, I ended up investing in another of the company’s products – AOTI. Conclusion: It added a lot to my analyses. It is a tool that I use daily and I recommend.


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